Head of Chair


Irene Danhofer

Office Manager / Administration

Tanja Nyc

Office Manager / Administration

Research Groups


Jaroslava Obel

Chemical Technical Assistant (CTA)


Dr.-Ing. Ishani Banerjee

Project StaffProject Staff
Geothermal Energy Group - GIGA-M & BeM-TG Projects

Dr. Bob Bamberg

Project Staff
Geothermal Energy Group - GIGA-M & BeM-TG Projects

Dr. Lilian Chavez-Kus

Project Manager / Chair of Hydrogeology Webdesign
Geothermal Energy Group - GeoMaN Project

M.Sc. Marco Kerl

Project Manager
Geothermal Energy Group - GeoMaN Project

M. Sc. Kalliopi Tzoufka

Project Staff
Geothermal Energy Group - „SpeicherCity“ BMBF-Project

Alumni and former employees

M.Sc. Tamara Michaelis

PhD Student
Redox processes in the hyporheic zone

Dr. Manuel Gossler

GeoSPOT Project

M.Sc. Fabian Böttcher

PhD Student
GRETA - Near-Surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

M.Sc. Jan Huch

Project Staff
GeoPOT Project

M.Sc. Anne Imig

PhD Student

Dipl.-Geol. Daniel Bohnsack

PhD Student
High-Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage

M.Sc. Florian Konrad

PhD Student
Hydraulic modeling of permeability in the Jurassic groundwater reservoir

M.Sc. Fatemeh Shajari

PhD Student
GeoPot - Geothermal Potential of the Munich Tertiary

M.Sc. Alejandra Peña Sanchez

PhD Student
Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane (AOM)

M.Sc. Florian Heine

PhD Student
IsoMol, GAB, Dolomitkluft

M.Sc. Markus Theel

PhD Student
GeoPot - Geothermal Potential of the Munich Tertiary

M.Sc. Katharina Albert

PhD Student
Scholarship holder of the Nagelschneider Stiftung
Heterogeneity on thermal conductivity and its effect on heat transport

M.Sc. Lisa Wild

PhD Student
Hydrogeology and Biogeochemistry

M.Sc. Patrick Kotyla

PhD Student
Heat transport mechanism between surface water and groundwater
Department of Health and Environment Munich

M.Sc. Sebastian Holzapfel

PhD Student
Natural attenuation system for nitrate removal

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not in the picture: Dr. Kai Zosseder, Dr. Lilian Chavez-Kus, and Kilian Beichel