Vision of the Chair of Hydrogeology

Sustainable Groundwater-Ecosystem Development

Clean Resources For Our Future

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Traditionally Hydrogeology deals with the distribution and movement of the “Blue Gold” below the surface. Over the last decades it has been clearly demonstrated that groundwater represents a complex ecosystem from which humans benefit. The use of near surface and deep geothermal energy is one of these new promising groundwater ecosystem services. Another ecosystem service represents the storage of clean water in aquifers over decades and centuries.

However, groundwater quality in many areas around the world has been challenged over the past decades by intensified agricultural and industrial activities related to economic and population growth. The latter one leads to a continual increase in the demand for clean water. As a result we want to get a holistic understanding of the groundwater ecosystem for a future sustainable use of the drinking water resources, both in terms of quality and quantity. By gaining a principal understanding of processes governing the groundwater ecosystem we provide a sound basis for regulators taking decisions to protect and manage groundwater resources.


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