Models for the system integration of aquifer storage in cities

In the joint project "SpeicherCity", innovative models for the system integration of aquifer storage are being developed, coupled and applied to different locations in Germany. The aim of this joint project is the integration of aquifer storage in today's and future energy systems. For this reason, different aquifer storage types and locations are considered in this project and investigated with innovative approaches. Beyond the development, application and exchange of coupled models, system integration and optimisation in existing heating and cooling networks plays a central role. This necessary task is complemented by active public participation and acceptance research.

In the "SpeicherCity" project, a total of eight existing and potential aquifer storage sites are being investigated.  In principle, both ATES systems in unconsolidated and solid rock are being considered in this joint project. In order to explicitly investigate the scale-related system integration, different scales are considered in this project, from individual projects to district-related and city-wide systems.

Contributions to SDG

Project duration

01.07.2022 – 30.06.2025