COST Action: Geothermal-DHC

Geothermal-DHC aims to addresses the integration of geothermal technologies to heating and cooling grids based on experiences from case studies across Europe. The overall ambition is to identify, evaluate and introduce solutions based on geothermal applications to increase the share of RES of up to 30% in 2030 and 50% in 2050 in heating and cooling grids across Europe. This implies a boost of the market diffusion with regard to all geothermal technologies across Europe to leave the current niche in the heating and cooling sector. About 40 Institutions take part in this action at now. TUM is National Coordinator.

More information can be found at the COST website.

Contributions to SDG


Dr. Kai Zosseder

Project duration

15.10.2019 - 14.04.2024