"Geological-physical characterization of the Northern Alpine Foreland Basin in Bavaria"


GeoChaNce is a joint project funded by the Environmental Agency between the assistant professorship for geothermal technology GTT and the Chair of hydrogeology.

We work in work package AP1 “Regional-scale underground mapping” and AP4 “Temperature gradients, thermal conductivity and heat flux density”.

In AP1, we are refining the model of the North Alpine Foreland Basin that was developed in the previous KompakT project (2020-2023) and investigating alternative reservoirs in the mid-depth regions.

In AP4, we also continue the work of the KompakT project in evaluating the depth temperatures at different geological layers also at intermediate depths and regionalizing them to derive information for geothermal use and other evaluations. In this context, knowledge of the distribution of the thermal parameter thermal conductivity and heat flux densities is to be expanded in cooperation with the work at the LfU to make this available as basic information for various applications. A major outcome of GeoChaNce is to derive a specific temperature distribution for the Bavarian Molasse Basin.

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Project duration

01.01.2024 - 31.12.2027

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