Preparation of scientific basics, concepts and methods for the development of an assessment model for the use of deep geothermal energy in the Bavarian part of the Molasse

The research objective of the BEM-TG project is the user-orientated development of an area-wide assessment model for the utilisation of deep hydrothermal geothermal energy in the Bavarian part of the Molasse Basin for the approval authorities and basic planning information. The aim is to ensure a sustainable assessment of deep hydrothermal geothermal expansion in the Bavarian part of the Molasse Basin and to speed up the authorisation and initial planning assessment.

The objectives and tasks of the project thus include:

  • Detailed conceptualisation and planning for the development of a comprehensive assessment model for the deep hydrothermal geothermal utilisation of the Bavarian part of the Molasse Basin
  • Creation of a feasibility study for the relevant steps to implement the assessment model
  • Creation of a holistic data model as a basis for the assessment of the utilisation of the hydrothermal geothermal resource in consultation with the relevant stakeholders (in particular the assessment practice) and creation of the database.
  • Planning and implementation of the update of the relevant database and development of a workflow for future sustainable updating
  • Consolidation and joint evaluation of all available basic data in the study area as the basis for a regional geological and numerical model
  • Creation of a coarse-scale updated regional numerical reservoir model for the visualisation and prediction of hydraulic-thermal interactions of existing and planned geothermal plants
  • Development and implementation of a modular WebApp based assessment tool for tool for deep hydrothermal geothermal energy in consultation with the relevant stakeholders
  • Development of simplified procedures and optimisation methods for the prediction of pressure and pressure and temperature propagation (in cooperation with the GIGA-M project) for the integration into the assessment tool and comparison with the coarse-scale TH reservoir model.

Contributions to SDG

Funded by

StMUVLfU Bayern  

Project duration

01.01.2024 – 31.12.2027

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