Research and development

The Chair of Metal Structures at the Technical University of Munich has been contributing to the development of steel and light metal structures in civil engineering for many decades. A long tradition exists in the areas of bridge construction, stability, design, composite construction, fatigue and glass construction. However, current topics have also been taken up again and again and new focal points have been set. In recent years, for example, the research areas of fire protection and explosion protection have been added, which require highly complex numerical investigations in addition to experimental research. The sustainability discussion and the resulting issues of evaluation and optimization of load-bearing structures have also led to new fields of research in which we use, among other things, findings from inheritance theory to enable composite structures with increased resource efficiency. The broad support for our research, for which we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude, is evidence of the relevance of our topics. As engineering scientists, we are not only interested in gaining fundamental knowledge, but also want to generate concrete benefits with our results. We are therefore particularly pleased when our findings quickly find their way into construction practice and hope you enjoy browsing!