Fatigue and Fracture

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration4 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionEnglish
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After participating the module, students understand and the basics of fatigue, local concept, nominal stress design, hot spot stress design, fracture mechanics, execution and quality control and the fatigue design of bridges. Because of various exercises, students are able to apply respective stress concepts and methods for analysis. As a consequence of that, participants of the seminar are specialized in analysing steel and aluminium constructions with frequently changing loads and in respective evaluations. This analysis includes the fatigue and the service strength proof regarding the design according to fracture.


Part 1: Basics about fatigue phenomes and fatigue design are presented. The focus is laid on: - Sources and types of dynamic loads, determination of representative loads, cycle counting methods, - local concept, - nominal and structural stress design and - determination of stresses by using FEA Part 2: The objective is, to teach basic knowledge about fracture mechanics and respective concepts for application. The following design methods are focused on: - design against brittle fracture - design against cracks and crack growth - determination of remaining life


composite construction Platte buckling and Steel bridges construction

Teaching and learning methods

Presentation within the framework of the lecture to transfer the learning outcomes Exercises in form of homework and discussions, within groups and with handouts to fill in Experiment in the context of laboratory teaching to edit issues and their solution


Schriftliche Prüfung (60 Minuten) und Studienleistung. 50% der Prüfung und 50% der Studienleistung (Projektarbeit) gehen in die Endnote ein:

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