Construction with Aluminium

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2023/24
Language of instructionGerman
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Admission information


After participating in the topics of the module, students understand the peculiarities of the material aluminium. They are able to apply aluminium alloys correctly and to design under static and oscillating load. To this purpose, the EUROCODE 9 and DIN 4113, design standards and building inspectorate approvals serve. Students can also analyse concrete problems of aluminium constructions, evaluate, and develop their own strategies.


-Materials science -Correct designing of cross sections, components and connections -Static and dynamic design -Understanding of the standards (EC 9, DIN 4113) -Coating -Fire resistance -Sustainability -Corrosion


Metal structures basic course and supplementary course, mechanical engineering and architecture.

Teaching and learning methods

The presentation is a classic lecture with the constant support of beamer (PowerPoint presentation) and overhead projector. The latter is used in particular to conduct exercises and for the direct presentation of standards summaries. In addition, movies about processes, structures, buildings etc. are integrated into the lecture. To improve the presentation of the facts, illustrative material (such as material samples, small parts etc.) also appear. In addition, a visit to the material test Office is performed. The lecture material will be deepened through Lecture Hall exercises. This will help reinforce the verification procedure for components and connections in accordance with Eurocode 9.


The module exam consists of a written test (60 min). The students answer without aids comprehension questions for the lecture in the first 20 minutes. In another 40 min, all tools are allowed. Thus the students are able to calculate the different relevant variables and parameters and to solve short application-oriented tasks.

Recommended literature

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