Picture of Malik Ltaief

M.Sc. Malik Ltaief

Chair of Metal Structures (Prof. Mensinger)

Postal address

Arcisstr. 21
80333 München

Curriculum Vitae


Studies Civil Engineering B.Sc., Technical University Munich


Studies Civil Engineering M.Sc., Technical University Munich


Semester abroad at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


Project Manager R&D at Geobrugg AG, Romanshorn (CH)

since 2022

Research Associate, Chair of Metal Structures, Technical University Munich

Fields of Research

Seal-welded hollow boxes


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  • Ltaief, Malik; Mensinger, Martin: Kehlnähte dichtgeschweißter Hohlkästen. Stahlbau 92 (9), 2023, 603-612 more…
  • Ltaief, Malik; Mensinger, Martin: The effect of temperature actions on single‐sided fillet welds in small‐sized box girders of bridges. ce/papers 6 (3-4), 2023, 1031-1036 more…
  • Malik Ltaief, Martin Mensinger: Development of a Temperature Model for Small-sized Box Girders. The 13th German-Japanese Bridge Symposium, 2023 more…