Introduction in the parts of specific components of EN 1993 (EC3)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionGerman
Position within curriculaSee TUMonline
DatesSee TUMonline

Admission information


The students are able to design and verify crane runways according to European codes and standard. They have a basic knowledge and understanding of construction and design of steel structures against actions from earthquake and blast. The have a basic knowledge about the design of cylindrical steel shells.


Design of crane runways made of steel. Basic knowledge about earthquake resistant design of steel structures, design of steel- and composite structures under blast action. Design of cylindrical steel tanks.


Basic modules of the bachelor study line civil engineering.

Teaching and learning methods

Lecture using PowerPoint presentation and blackboard. A detailed example, design of a crane runway made of steel is presented as base information for the project work to be performed.


At the end of the semester it is determined in a written exam whether the basic knowledge on earthquake, explosion, cylindrical tanks and the calculation of crane runways have been understood. The full calculation of a crane runway is required in the context of a home work, and to consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge. The grade of the exam is to the final grade of the module when the housework was recognized.

Recommended literature

DIN EN 1993-1-1, DIN EN 1993-6, DIN EN 1993-1-9, EN 13001 Stahlbaukalender 2003, Kranbahnen - Bemessung und konstruktive Gestaltung, Seeßelberg