Unsaturated Soil Mechanics


Identifier: BV500003

Curriculum/ Assignment: Elective 2. Semester

ECTS-Credits: 3,0

Cycle: Summer semester

Language: English


Dr.-Ing. Emanuel Birle


Course Content

  • Introduction to principles of unsaturated soil mechanics
  • Total, matric and osmotic suction
  • Suction measurement
  • Soil water retention curve
  • Flow phenomena
  • Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Effective stress in unsaturated soils
  • Volume change behaviour
  • Shear strength
  • Importance of unsaturated soil mechanics for design in geotechnical engineering
  • Applications


Study documents

All study documents can be found on MOODLE.



A written exam is offered at the end of the lecture period. The examination time is 60 min.

The course contents dealt with in the previous (current) semester are always relevant for the examination.

Registration for the examination must be made in time at tumonline. The examination office is responsible for the registration for the exam.