Soil mechanics and foundation engineering for engineering geologists


Identifier: BV500002

Curriculum/ Assignment: Elective

ECTS-Credits: 5,0

Cycle: Winter semester

Language: German


Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Bräu


Course content

  • water in the subsoil (groundwater flow, lowering of groundwater level)
  • subsoil deformation (stress propagation, settlement, consolidation)
  • basics of geotechnical drafts and designs
  • simple shallow foundations
  • interaction building - subsoil
  • soil improvement, special methods
  • embankments
  • earth construction, geosynthetics
  • deep foundations
  • earth pressure, enclosures for excavation pits, anchorage


Study documents

All Study documents will be provided in class.



A written exam is offered at the end of the semester. The examination time is 120 minutes. Aids are permitted.

The course contents dealt with in the previous (current) semester are always relevant for the examination.

The registration for the exam must be completed in time on tumonline. The examination office is responsible for the registration for the exam.