Geotechnical issues in environmental engineering


Identifier: BGU50008

Curriculum/ Assignment:

  • Master Course Environmental Engineering: Compulsory 1. Semester
  • Master Course Civil Engineering: Elective 1. or 3. Semester

ECTS-Credits: 6,0

Cycle: Winter semester

Language: English



Dr.-Ing. Emanuel Birle


Course content

  • Soil mechanics: water movement in saturated and unsaturated soils, shear strength and deformation behaviour of non-cohesive and cohesive soils
  • handling of mineral waste
  • landfill construction: base and surface sealing systems, mineral liners, geosynthetic clay sealing sheets, geosynthetics, pollutant transport, mechanical properties of waste, stability of landfill bodies, water balance of surface sealing systems, reuse of landfills
  • development of opencast mining dumps and fillings
  • mineral waste for recycling: properties of mineral waste and industrial by-products
  • use of mineral wastes and industrial by-products in earthworks
  • technical safety measures for the use of mineral waste and industrial by-products in earthworks
  • remediation of contaminated sites: pollutants, investigation of building sites, securing contaminated sites, remediation of contaminated sites
  • dyke construction

Study documents

All study documents can be found on MOODLE.



The major course assessment is in the form of a 90-minute written examination.

The test consists of general comprehension questions with free formulations as well as calculations and design tasks.

All study documents, simple scientific calculators and literature are permitted as aids in the examination.

The course contents of the elective modules are not relevant for the examination.

The course contents dealt with in the previous (current) semester are always relevant for the examination.

Registration for the examination must be made in time at tumonline. The examination office is responsible for the registration for the exam.