Soil Dynamics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering with Project Work


Identifier: BGU50018

Curriculum/ Assignment: Elective

ECTS-Credits: 6,0

Cycle: Summer semester

Language: English


Dr.-Ing. Stylianos Chrisopoulos

Course Content

The module consists of a lecture and a colloquium accompanying the project work. In the lecture, the theoretical basics of soil behavior under dynamic stimulation and the special features that have to be taken into account when planning engineering structures in connection with dynamic loads are conveyed. The project work is largely carried out independently by the students. The project work serves to deepen the topics of soil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering based on a specific question.

The module deals with the following topics from the field of soil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering

  • soil behaviour under cyclic, alternating and dynamic loads
  • dynamic vs. monotonous soilbehaviour
  • models to describe soils under cyclic and dynamic loads
  • evaluation of dynamic soil behaviour by means of laboratory and field tests
  • dynamic stiffness of shallow and deep foundations
  • wave propagation in elastic and elastoplastic media
  • influences from earthquakes - analysis of the response behaviour of soils to dynamic stimulation
  • soil compaction due to effects of earthquakes
  • soil liquefaction during earthquakes
  • slope stability during earthquakes
  • earthquake design of shallow and deep foundations as well as excavation pit walls
  • Geotechnical aspects of earthquake standards (DIN 4149, Eurocode 8, Uniform Building Codes)
  • Fundamentals of dynamic soil-structure interaction
  • Dynamic penetration of piles

Study Documents

All study documents can be found on MOODLE.


The module examination consists of a project work on a selected topic in Soil Dynamics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. The project work consists of a written report (approx. 20 pages) and a final presentation (approx. 20 minutes).