Structural design of glass constructions

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2023/24
Language of instructionGerman
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After attending the module students will be able to analyse glass constructions based on the current standards and the current state of science and to develop them constructively. In addition, students can evaluate structures and designs and develop a vivid and convincing presentation.


Glass in building , glass production, types of glass, decoration of glass, building physical properties of glass, static properties of glass, structural analyses of glasses, examination of glasses, construction law aspects of the glass building, accident-proof glazing, overhead glazing, walk-on glazing, glazing units, Point-fixed glass, glued glass structures, designing with glass, special issues / current research results. In addition to the technical content, learning outcomes in the frame of presentations are imparted to achieve the capability of analysing structures and constructions, evaluate and present clearly and convincing.


Knowledge of the elastic bending theory (force calculation of rod-shaped parts and plates). Basic knowledge of metal construction.

Teaching and learning methods

Scripts to lecture and exercise ; PowerPoint presentations ; Literature ; Tablet PC ; digital Overhead-projector; panel; 1 day excursion to a renowned glass construction company or a global facade builder. The excursion is necessary because the scope of the given course "glass building". A practical illustration of the lecture material is hardly possible. The teaching of practical aspects of production, processing and use of glass in construction can be carried out only at second hand through images and films. To improve this, we’ll provide an excursion to intensify practical insights for students in the Glass Manufacturing processes.


Written examination at the end of the semester and project work in the form of a presentation (as team performance). The final grade is calculated by weighting the written examination (40 min.) 2/3 and the presentation of the project work 1/3 (20 min. team presentation. The project work has the purpose of more intensive self- referral to a particular aspect of the learning content. In addition, the teamwork and the independent partitioning of work packages within the project team, and merging the results for a presentation as well as the community presenting the results to a large group is trained. This is required in practice for large project presentations. The examination at the end of the semester tests the learning outcomes of lectures and presentations conclusively achieved and consists of a knowledge part (without aid) and a calculation part where the application of normative rules is based on practice-relevant examples in writing with tools.

Recommended literature

Script for lecture and exercise