Large scale pile test loads in the test pit

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Peter Schwarz

Drilling rig on the working platform above the test pit

Section through the test pit and load shift diagram

Cyclical test loads Load change - Displacement diagram

Removal of the test floor and piles from the test pit



To investigate the load-bearing behaviour of pile foundations subjected to axial cyclic loading, ten axially loaded grouted piles of 5 m in a sandy soil with up to 200,000 load cycles were tested in the test pit of the Technical University of Munich's testing office for foundation engineering, soil mechanics and rock mechanics. A safety concept was formulated for the considerably lower load capacity under continuous cyclic loading, in which "permissible load spans", graduated between 1.0 and 0.4 times the statically permissible load as a function of the desired number of load cycles, are specified. They are included in the new DIN 1054:2003-01, Annex D, Table D.2.