Sealing injections with thermoplastic melts

Abdichtungsinjektion gegen strömendes Wasser

Injection technology and injection trials

systems engineering:

  • Melting of the plastic
  • Temperature control and conveying via heated hoses

Injection agent :

  • single-phase, water-insoluble plastic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Temperature dependence of viscosity

Injection strategy:

  • Range control via injection temperature and injection rate

test setup:

  • one-dimensional injection channel
  • total length 7,5 m


  • range
  • Temperature field in the rock
  • pressure development


  • Melt temperature
  • injection rate
  • gap geometry
  • water backflow

Test results

Temperature field (left):

  • Low heat penetration into the rock
  • Calculatory traceability

rise in pressure (right):

  • Exponential pressure increase over time
  • low injection temperature leads to short ranges

Numerical Simulation

  • 3D flow and heat transport simulation, transient
  • Extension of the physical model
  • parameter studies