FE 05.0166: Conservation of resources - mass construction materials in earthworks

Organogenic and organic soils

In accordance with the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act, mineral substitute building materials are to be reused and landfilling is to be dispensed with. Backfilling in mines and quarries is considered subordinate compared to recycling, e.g. in earthworks and for recycling.

The research project FE 05.0116 - Mass Construction Materials in Earthworks is intended to demonstrate the limits of feasibility for organic soft soils and recycled materials and provide a basis for estimating the possible uses of the various mass construction materials.

Fine- and mixed-grained soils with low consistency

General goal:

  • Reduction of the consumption of primary raw materials by using materials of the highest possible quality

Research goal:

  • Creation of the basis for a sustainable use of materials in earthworks
  • Description of geotechnical properties of "problematic" soils / building materials
  • Possible applications and conditions for the installation of the various materials in earthworks
  • Evaluation scheme for use in earthworks of varying complexity with information and any additional measures required


Secondary building materials (RC materials and industrial by-products)