Suitability of variable solid rocks as earth-moving material Laboratory assessment (example: Red potter's clay)

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Baumgärtel
  Dr.-Ing. Dirk Heyer

material extraction

  • Red Latvian to be used as embankment fill material
  • Material extraction from a deep cut

Material changes due to weathering

  • Grain size distribution of the starting material
  • strong change due to weathering (qualitative description)


Quantitative classification of weathering sensitivity by screening drum tests

Evaluation of the load-bearing capacity in characteristic installation conditions by CBR tests

  • Determination of compaction properties by Proctor tests
  • Definition of investigation areas for carrying out CBR tests



  • Mean values of the CBR tests in the individual study areas
  • decisive influence of the axial stresses on the test specimens during water storage