Sustainable use of building materials in earthworks - Use of iron and steel slag in earthworks with technical safety measures


  • Increasing the use of industrial by-products and secondary raw materials in earthworks
  • Conservation of natural resources of mineral substances
  • Reduction of waste disposal to landfills


  • Establishment of the basis for the required material processing of iron and steel slag (EHS) on the basis of experimental investigations
  • Description of the geotechnical properties of EHS
  • Indication of recommendations for the preparation of EHS to achieve low permeabilities
  • Enhancement of knowledge about the leaching behaviour of EHS


Laboratory tests of different mixtures of EHS, filler and clay powder with regard to:

  • the soil mechanical properties (load-bearing capacity, compactability, deformation behaviour)
  • the hydraulic properties in saturated and unsaturated state
  • the leachability
  • weather resistance