NIMA-NEX is based on three pillars: A regional climate module ( CLI-NEX), a water resources/hydrologic module (HY-NEX) and an energy and reservoir management module (MA-NEX).


Under CLI-NEX, the future changes of the NRB of Africa will be comprehensively assessed by simulating future climate of NRB using a stand-alone regional climate model (RCM), and also a RCM coupled with a land surface scheme (LSS). Using an ensemble, multi-climate modeling approach on the complex feedbacks between land-atmosphere, the effects of climate change based on the 4th Assessment report, SRES (Special Report on Emissions Scenarios) and the latest, Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5)'s new scenarios, called RCP (Representative Concentration Pathways) climate projections of IPCC's (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate change) GCMs (General Circulation Models), climate anomaly (El Nińo and La Nińa) and landuse changes (LUC) will be simulated.


HY-NEX applies the climate projections of CLI-NEX to assess the availability of surface and ground water under the effects of climate change, LUC, irrigation management, and societal changes such as population growth. In some sense, CLI-NEX and HY-NEX will be loosely coupled together. HY-NEX will be more strongly coupled to MAN-NEX as the demand for water among competing users will affect agricultural productivity and population growth.


NIMA-NEX will nicely integrate with the DAAD-NeXus project of Prof. Rutschmann (a network which also involves two EuroTech universities, EPFL from Switzerland and DTU from Denmark, and funded at 250.000/year for four years). DAAD-NeXus not only establishes local relations but also supports the exchange of scientists involved in the Nexus research.

Investor: TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE)
Project start: April 2014
Project end: March 2017
Project Team Leader: Dr. Anna Kuhlmann
Principal Investigators: Prof. Markus Disse, Prof. Thian Yew Gan, Prof. Peter Rutschmann
Doctoral Candidates: Erwin Isaac Alvarez PolancoAthanasia-Tatiana Stamou