BMBF – Collaborative project SINOWATER Good Water Governanc

Management and innovative technologies to improve water quality in two significant Chinese waters (Leitung Prof. Dr.-Ing. Max Dohmann, RWTH Aachen)   

Sub projects: Good Water Governance (Support of an implementation of IWRM)


The SinoWater- sub projects M1 and M2 want to make progress in the water sector of China with the help of research and consulting, and are based on three pillars:

  • Development and implementation of a system of indicators to Good Water Governance in M1
  • Development of a hydro-ecological valuation system as well of safety concepts in M2 
  • Expert mission to support the implementation of IWRM as well as corresponding assistance for technology- and concept-sub projects

The intended distribution in M1 and M2 is not a strictly personnel separation, but rather a separation of tasks. The results of M2 are used in M1 and at the same time, results of M1 are applied and substantiated in M2.

The research and consulting work in the sub projects M1 and M2 simultaneously take place in two project regions, Liaoning (Liao River Basin) and Yunnan (Dianchi Lake). In addition to the concrete results of the obtained area, more statements can be made to figure out to what extend the findings are regionally specific, or if they can be applied to other areas in China as well. 

A total of six workshops is planned as a central tool of the management sub projects, which are carried out in China by German and Chinese partners. Those regularly meetings are supposed to build a reliable platform for exchange, consulting (with expert missions) and also for data collection of the sub projects M1 and M2. An institutionalized on-site exchange with Chinese and German project partners is considered to be crucial for the call to work together and the continuous optimization process. The workshops will be associated with each of the following emphases:

  1. Kick-off workshop: inventory, discussion of existing data
  2. Biological indicators
  3. Indicators of the Good Water Governance
  4. Optimization/ Refinement of the indicators
  5. Implementation of the IWRM
  6. Final workshop: lessons learnt, further cooperation

In addition to the regularly scheduled workshops (with lectures and exchange of experts) as well as scientific publications, it is planned to develop practical working aids and manuals within the sub project M1, which are available to the Chinese authorities. Possible topics are „Successful regional approaches to IWRM“, „Wastewater limits and its compliance“ and „Make administrative processes in water management effiently“. An exchange of expertise based on the commission of examples of successful environmental protection and the implementation of the IWRM in Germany by Chinese experts of various authorities from county- to state-level is planned. The affected Chinese experts can get an idea of the impacts / results of the IWRM with specific examples. Within the framework of an intensive dialogic debate, all contents from M1 and M2 is also available for the technical and conceptual sub projects. Furthermore, the findings of T and K such as limit values or modeling results can be applied in M.  

Investor: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung  
Projectstart: 01.02.2015
Projectend: 31.01.2018  
Project management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Disse, Prof. Dr.-Ing Martin Grambow (M1), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Geist (M2)
Project coordinator: Dr. Christian Rumbaur
Project assistance: Ke Chen, M.Sc. (M1), Hannah Patalong, M.Sc. (M1), Haiyu Ding, M.Sc. (M2), Dr. Sebastian Beggel (M2)