Efficient Practices of Land Use Management Integrating Water Resources Protection and Non-structural Flood Mitigation Experiences

Within the central Europe region, several challenges asking for an intensified cooperation between its countries are fundamentally necessary. The need for adapted and target-oriented land-use activities concerning the protection of water resources and balancing conflicts of land-use pressure on water is evident and will be tackled by the project PROLINE-CE.

The actual status indicates that a function-oriented and land use based spatial management for drinking water protection is indispensable. Best practices were already elaborated in some countries, but haven’t yet come close to a successful application. The main objective of PROLINE-CE is therefore the creation of a concrete transnational plan for the implementation of sustainable land use and flood/drought management leading to an improved protection of drinking water resources. This new integrated land use management approach foresees the involvement of stakeholders and decision makers from the very beginning, thus raising their awareness for the issue. The demonstration of best practice examples that will be carried out in pilot actions in various geographic and thematic fields will support the stakeholder interest and decision processes even more.

The conclusions gained from these experiences will lead to a “Guide towards Optimal Water Regime (GOWARE)”. This tool will provide a tailored frame for the implementation of sustainable land use and flood/drought management with the overall purpose of improved protection of drinking water resources and protection against floods/droughts beyond project lifetime. To foster the importance of this transnational guiding tool also on policy level, a commonly developed DriFLU (Drinking Water/Floods/Land Use) Charta will be signed by notable representatives from all participating countries as part of the final conference of the project.

The transnational character of the topic as well as the broad-based project partnership - project partners are coming from institutions with a comprehensive range of responsibilities at the national, regional or local level, among them water suppliers and research institutions – will ensure that PROLINE-CE will be able to provide valuable contributions to existing EU directives, such as the Water Framework or the Flood Directive.


Funding Programme: Central Europe programme (ce)
Project start: 01.07.2016
Projekt end: 30.06.2019
Project management: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Gabriele Chiogna
Project Assistance: M.Sc. Daniel Bittner