Research on urban flash-floods including transport of pollutants by means of a rainfall simulator

Transport of pollutants in urbanized areas is directly related to environmental problems, in particular to those affecting public health. Especially at the beginning of the first rainfalls (first flush), the concentration of pollutants dissolved or adhered in the sediments are significantly high. Nevertheless, the number of studies on the transport of pollutants in urbanized areas is scarse. This is related with the difficulty in controlling and acquiring data during those events; in addition, study areas are often large and the events are hard to predict.

This project aims to model the transport of pollutants in impermeable areas by means of an artificial rainfall simulator. This will allow us to run a large variety of experimental setups and to collect enough data to meaningfully characterize the transport of pollutants by flash-flood events in urbanized areas.


Investor: BAYLAT - Das Bayerische Hochschulzentrum für Lateinamerika Project
Start: 01.01.2017
Project Completion: 31.12.2017
Project Team: Dr. Jorge Leandro (DE), Prof. Alexandre Silveira (BR) and Dipl. Geoökol. Michael Tarantik (DE)