Mathematical methods for uncertainty quantification in hydrology project seminar

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2023/24
Language of instructionEnglish
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The students will: LO1. understand the relevance of uncertainty quantification for practical hydrological problems,LO2. be able to apply uncertainty quantification methods to hydrological problems, LO3. be able to critically analyze the results of the applied methods, LO4. be able to effectively work in an interdisciplinary team, LO5. be able to effectively present and communicate the results to an interdisciplinary audience.


A team of 2 students (possibly 1 mathematician and 1 environmental engineer) receives/develops a project in which UQ methods are applied to a real hydrological case. An important aim here is the interdisciplinary component of the group as well as the teamwork. The team of two students is co-supervised by 1 tutor from the chair of numerical mathematics and 1 tutor of the chair of hydrology and river basin management. The group meets each supervisor at least 5 times (a 1 page report of the meeting has to be provided by the students to document the project development). The team provides an interim presentation and a final presentation of the project in both oral and written form. The supervisors will offer to the students a meeting focusing on how to do an effective oral presentation for an interdisciplinary audience.


Lineare Algebra (MA0004) Einführung in die Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Statistik (MA0009) Einführung in die Programmierung (MA0010) Grundmodul Hydrologie Hydrologische statistik