Water Management at the Catchment Scale

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionEnglish
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Admission information

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Note: Selection criteria: 1. followed: - Hydrological and Environmental River Basin Modelling, Integrated Water Resources Management and Modeling and Management of Groundwater 2. Environmental Engineering 3. Other Studies of the Faculty


At the end of the module students are able: - to unterstand that water management is an issue to be faced at the catchment scale - to evaluate the effects of coal mining on water management - to evaluate the water quality of water bodies at different scales - to evaluate the measures taken to restore rivers to their natural state - to evaluate the sustainable flood protection measures in terms of their efficacy - to analyze their results in order to prepare an effective oral and written presentation


The field trip will be performed in collaboration with the Erft Verbund (https://www.erftverband.de/) The course will focus on the following topics: - Effects of mining on groundwater - Sustainable flood retention measures - Restoration of rivers to their original ecological state


- Hydrological and Environmental River Basin Modelling - Integrated Water Resources Management - Modeling and Management of Groundwater

Teaching and learning methods

The course will be offered as a field trip of 5 days. In this way, the student will understand through a direct experience the main issues related to water management at the basin scale. Furthermore, in order to prepare their report and the oral presentation, the students will understand the relevance of team-working. It will required an extensive literature review of the assigned topic, which will be synthetized with a discussion between the group members.


The students, divided into small groups (max 3 persons), will prepare a short report (15-20 pages) about one of the 4 topics related to the field trip. Each group will prepare a presentation of the report (20 minutes) during the field trip at the location where that particular issue is relevant. The evaluation of the exam will be based on a) the capability of the students to work autonomously during the literature review related to their research topic (group grade 40 %) b)the quality of the written report and of the oral presentation (group grade 40%) c)oral exam following the oral presentation (single grade 20%) about a specific aspect of the presentation Beside the technical skills it will be evaluated the quality, the accurateness and the style of the presentation of the results and the team-working capacity. In this way, it will be possible to evaluate both the performance of the group and the performance of each single component as well.

Recommended literature

- Scientific articles of peer review journals depending on the seminar topic - The EU water framework directive - integrated river basin management for europe (http://ec.europa.eu/environment/water/water-framework/index_en.html) - The EU Flood directive (https://environment.ec.europa.eu/topics/water/floods_en)