In today's world, we spend up to 90% of our time in buildings. Hence why, MeMoBo believes in creating healthy indoor environments. Our concept provides so many benefits to physical and mental health, general well being, leads to higher productivity and sustainability and reduces energy costs.

To be able to measure and analyse critical parameters of the indoor environment and develop customer based solutions, we have developed a state of the art device.

The highly adaptable and mobile device enables us to use it in every kind of building, e.g. offices, schools, museums and private homes.

All collected data can be visulalized and analyzed in real time. This allows the user to call up the current thermal conditions in the room.

Built-in measurement technology for wellbeing, comfort and productivity:

  • Operative temperature
  • Air Temperature
  • Rel. humidity
  • Air velocity
  • CO2 concentration
  • Illuminance
  • Fine dust
  • Air quality index (VOC)
  • Sound pressure level


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