Vertical equilibrium of a sheet pile wall suspended in the slurry slot

Schematic sketch, force effects and stresses

Usually authoritative proof for vertical equilibrium analysis:

Circular cut around the earth-side half of the sealing diaphragm wall incl. sheet piling (internal system)

Pv + Av + Eav + GDW + GSPW ≤ 1 / η * ∫ ΤSVu dA1 + 1 / η * (d/2 * 1,0 *qu)


Of particular importance:

  • Shear bond sheet pile wall - sealing wall material
  • Shear bond = friction bond + adhesive bond
  • Compressive strength of sealing wall compound - adhesive bond between sheet piling and sealing wall compound


Compressive strength test of the sealing wall material


Two different fixed areas: Sheet pile wall valley and sheet pile wall mountain



Large shear tests: Testing the bond