EERAdata final conference: Presentation of the results

We are delighted to inform you about the Final Conference and Stakeholder Networking event of our european research project EERAdata. The event takes place as an online event for partners and stakeholders and online for external participants on the 9th of December 2021.

The conference brings together key stakeholders working in the field of energy renovation of buildings to jointly address the challenges and barriers of better understanding and quantifying wider benefits of potential Energy Efficiency investment projects.  

The EERAdata consortium presents newly developed approaches embodied within an online decision-support tool (DST), with the ambition of facilitating more effective strategic planning in the scope of the vision of the renovation wave. 

What does the EERAdata project do?

EERAdata is a Horizont 2020 project contributing to the understanding and operationalisation of the Energy Efficiency (EE) First Principle by developing a methodology and a software tool to holistically assess the impact and multiple benefits of EE investment in the building stock on a social, economic, and environmental scale. It will furthermore expand existing decision-making processes and policies and improve building EE projects.
In short: 

- We accompany municipalities from the collection of their building stock data from different sources, (merging data) to the analysis and assessment of this data by ecological, economic and environmental criteria.

- We develop a tool that aims to ease the process of guiding sustainable renovation activities for portfolio managers, city planners and related stakeholders.

- This results in long-term renovation strategies, focusing on energy efficiency, socio-economic benefits and ecological quality of existing buildings.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the event, please reach out to our project coordinator, Sebastian Botzler.