The GeRDI project deals with the development of a Generic Research Data Infrastructure (GeRDI). The aim is to enable all scientists in Germany, especially those who hold only small amounts of data, to store, share and re-use research data across disciplines.

In a first phase three pilot data centers supporting the management of research data will be linked up with each other so that research data can be used across disciplinary boundaries, enabling new opportunities for multi-disciplinary research.

In a second phase, the developed solution can be rolled-out in Germany and – if appropriate funding will be available – serve as a model for a future German Research Data Infrastructure. In particular, GeRDI will be able to support universities and research institutes in providing research data, in linking up their existing data stores and in establishing new research data stores.

GeRDI pursues the idea of the European Open Science Cloud, supplementing current efforts to implement infrastructures for research data management and taking them a step further

Investor: DFG- Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Start: 01.11.2016
Project Completion: 31.10.2019
Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann (ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics)
Community Partners: Dr. Jorge Leandro