LOCASIN is an open-source MATLAB tool that enables automated and rapid detection, characterization and evaluation of basin locations. The site detection is based on a numerical raster analysis to determine the optimal dam axis orientation, the dam geometry and the basin area and volume. After selecting a reasonable basin combination, the results are summarized and visualized. LOCASIN (Location detection of retention and detention basins) represents a user-friendly and flexible tool for policy makers, engineers and scientists to determine dam and basin properties of optimized positions for planning and research purposes. It can be applied in an automated way to solve small and large scale engineering problems.

The software is available on GitHub (https://github.com/steschemacher/LOCASIN).

More information are provided in Teschemacher et al. (2020): https://doi.org/10.3390/w12051491.


LuKARS is a semi- distributed lumped parameter model that was developed to simulate the hydrological impacts of land use changes in a karst system. The model consists of different buckets that represent the dominant hydrotopes in a regarded recharge area. The model simulates the dominant flow processes in a karst system, i.e. quickflow through conduits with respect to their connection to a specific hydrotope and a baseflow. Land use changes can be considered by changing the area of a hydrotope or by modifying the a hydrotope’s properties.

The source codes in R and Python, as well as a LuKARS plugin GUI for FREEWAT in QGIS can be downloaded from GitHub (https://github.com/dbittner87/LuKARS). 

More information are provided in Bittner et al. (2018) and Bittner et al. (2020).