Studentische Arbeiten

Wir freuen uns sehr, Studierende im Rahmen von Bachelor-, Master- oder Studienarbeiten in unsere aktuellen Forschungsprojekte zu integrieren. Sie können sich für Anfragen oder Diskussionen über perspektivische Themen direkt an den für Ihr Interessensgebiet zuständigen Mitarbeiter oder allgemein an unsere Lehrstuhlmitglieder über kontaktieren. 

CLIMATE-SMART WATER ALLOCATION: Demonstrating a Next-Generation Decision Support System (DSS) for Climate-Resilient Management in Central Asia's Transboundary Rivers

Contact: Dr. Jingshui HuangM.Sc. Timo SchaffhauserM.Sc. Lucas Alcamo

UNMANNED AIRBORNE WATER OBSERVING SYSTEM: Airborne and contactless hydrometric sensing technology to inform climate change adaptation, flood risk assessment and surveillance/management of extreme hydrologic events in remote, hard-to-reach and poorly monitored rivers.

ContactProf. Dr. Markus DisseProf. Dr. Gabriele ChiognaM.Sc. Fabian Merk

REsilienT water gOvernance Under climate CHange within the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus: Promotion of the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus as a multi-level and cross-sectoral approach that advocates the EU water economy and relies on ecological and social considerations.

ContactDr. Jingshui HuangM.Sc. Nicole Tatjana Scherer

Impact of surface water management on groundwater quality in Alpine catchments: Investigates how surface water management in Alpine catchments are affected by strong anthropogenic impacts controls subsurface flow at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

ContactDr.-Ing Monica Basilio Hazas

Sensitivity of high Alpine geosystems to climate change since 1850. Impact of climate change on groundwater storage in high Alpine catchments: from observation to model predictions.

ContactProf. Dr. Gabriele Chiogna, Prof. Dr. Bettina Schaefli, Dr.-Ing. Florentin HofmeisterDipl.-Geoökol. Michael Tarantik

RObust Conceptualisation of KArst Transport: Development a coupled robust conceptualization of discharge and transport in karst systems based on the representation of the hydrological processes in the different karst compartments, i.e. epikarst, matrix and conduit system.

ContactM.Sc. Beatrice Richieri

Innovative Engineering Injection Extraction systems for in-situ groundwater remediation: From model- and laboratory-based evidence to stakeholder involvement.

ContactM.Sc. Francesca Ziliotto

Current and future risks of urban and rural flooding in West Africa – An integrated analysis and eco-system-based solutions: Extreme precipitation and flooding is a major hazard in West Africa, particularly in the densely populated Guinea coastal zone.

ContactM.Sc. Fabian Merk

TUM Sustainable Energies, Entrepreneurship and Development (TUM SEED) Center: Sustainable Water Resources Management. Irrigation development is one key factor within IWRM, it is seen as a major leverage to rural development, food security, livelihoods, and agricultural and economic growth, particularly in the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region.

ContactM.Sc. Pablo Sarmiento

Comparison of surface runoff, nutrient and material mobilization and erosion through heavy precipitation of agricultural areas: Designing an innovative, long-term, high-resolution measurement field at the Bavarian Agricultural Institute in Lower Bavaria.

ContactM.Sc. Johannes Mitterer

Improved groundwater formation and water quality through solar parks. 

ContactProf. Dr. Markus DisseProf. Dr. Gabriele Chiogna

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