Dr. Dandan Zhao










Aalto University


Dandan Zhao is a postdoctoral researcher from Aalto university (Finland), whose interests are focused on water scarcity assessment, environmental input-output analysis, water resource management, and water-food-energy nexus under the changing nature-society systems. Dr.Zhao has published 30+ research articles related to water footprint and nexus topics in some high-impact journals such as One Earth, Water Research, Resource Conservation & Recycling etc. with h-index 11 in Google citations (https://scholar.google.fi/citations?user=pN9zr2MAAAAJ&hl=zh-CN ). In addition, Dr.Zhao is also the subject editor in Energy, Ecology and Environment and youth editor for the journal The innovation. Furthermore, Dr. Zhao have been involved in several major projects and played a vital role in writing successful proposals, including National Natural Science Foundation of China (: Water Resources Assessment in Coupled Natural-Economic Systems: Theory and Method - €450,000), China-US International Research Coordination Net-work (IRCN) Project: Food-Energy-Water Nexus in the Context of Global Change: Simulation and Inter-comparison (€66000) etc.

Research Interests

·        Water-Energy-Food Nexus analysis, Water footprint and virtual water trade 

·        Sustainable transition, Sustainable development goals (SDGs), Ecological economics (Industrial economics) and scenario analysis 

·        Environmental input-output analysis and Ecological Network Analysis 

·        Natural resource management and Ecosystem services assessment and management