Neuer Zeitschriftenbeitrag von Bayode et al., 2024

Perovskite Oxides: Syntheses and Perspectives on Their Application for Nitrate Reduction

Over the decades, the rise in nitrate levels in the ecosystem has posed a serious threat to the continuous existence of humans, fauna, and flora. The deleterious effects of increasing levels of nitrates in the ecosystem have led to adverse health and environmental implications in the form of methemoglobinemia and eutrophication, respectively. Different pathways/routes for the syntheses of perovskites and their oxides were presented in this review. In recent times, electrocatalytic reduction has emerged as the most utilized technique for the conversion of nitrates into ammonia, an industrial feedstock. According to published papers, the efficiency of various perovskites and their oxides used for the electrocatalytic reduction of nitrate achieved a high Faradaic efficiency of 98%. Furthermore, studies published have shown that there is a need to improve the chemical stability of perovskites and their oxides during scale-up applications, as well as their scalability for industrial applications.

Bayode et al., 2024