The Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering provides services for the industry, medium-sized enterprises and public authorities in the following fields:

Analytical Laboratory

  • Analysis of nutrients and trace elements
  • Water chemistry and physical analysis
  • Determination of organic carbon
  • New analytical methods for quantification of organic trace compounds (target screening)
  • Suspected target screening/effect-based analytic
  • Chemical fingerprints (sources – effects – process optimizations)
  • Microplastics in the environment and technical systems

Microbiological Laboratory

  • Identification and quantification of pathogens and antibiotic resistances
  • Reference stocks of fungi and bacteria
  • Molecular description of microbiologic communities to characterize system-relevant processes (energy and nutrient metabolism; corrosion; degradation of trace compounds)

The laboratory equipment is described on the following page.

Research Center

  • Process validation in lab and pilot-scale
  • Material, equipment and process examinations
  • Sampling of groundwater, runoff and wastewater
  • Development of treatment devices for roof and traffic area runoff