Dr.-Ing. Bertram Skibinski











Curriculum Vitae

since 2018 Post-Doc and Team Leader of Research Group „Membrane Filtration“ at the Chair of Urban Water Systems
Engineering, TU München
since 2015 Research Assistant, Chair of Process Engineering in Hydro Sciences, TU Dresden, Prof. A. Lerch
2017 Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.), TU Dresden
2013-2018 Project manager at the European Project Center, TU Dresden
2009-2013 Research Associate, Chair of Water Supply, TU Dresden
2009 Diplom (Dipl.-Ing.), TU Dresden
2003-2009 Study of Urban and Industrial Water Management, TU Dresden

Fields of Research

  • Use of high pressure membrane processes (nanofiltration, reverse osmosis) for water reclamation and reuse
  • Membrane hybrid processes, in particular those combining a membrane process with UV radiation
  • Characterization of membrane fouling
  • Impact of oxidative processes, in particular UV radiation, on adhesive properties of microorganisms
  • Heterogeneous catalysis (Removal of chloramines in fixed-bed activated carbon filters)

Publications (peer-reviewed, selection)

  • Skibinski, B., Götze, C., Worch, E., Uhl, W., Pore diffusion limits removal of monochloramine in treatment of swimming pool water using granular activated carbon, Wat. Res. 132(2018), 270-281.
  • Skibinski, B., Müller, P., Uhl, W., Rejection of submicron sized particles from swimming pool water by a monolithic SiC microfiltration membrane: Relevance of steric and electro-static interactions, J. Mem. Sci., 499(2016), 92-144.

Conference Contribution (Poster, Selection)

  • Skibinski, B., Bodner, E., Klesse, L., Hua, P., Siebdrath, N., Zoschke, K., Solar UV pre-treatment for biofouling control in desalination processes with thin film composite membranes, 3rd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology (2017), Las Palmas.
  • Skibinski, B., Worch, E., Uhl, W., Criteria to choose activated carbon that converts monochloramine to molecular nitrogen, 7th International Conference Swimming Pool & Spa (2017), Kos Island.
  • Slavik, I., Skibinski, B., Hua, P., Uhl, W., Contribution of NOM to DBP formation in swimming pool water under consideration of different treatment processes, 6th Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter in Drinking Water (2015), Malmö.
  • Skibinski, B., Mueller, P., Uhlig, S., Uhl, W., Fractionation of NOM in swimming pool water: THM and NCl3 formation kinetics, 5th International Conference Swimming Pool & Spa (2013), Rome.