Project Duration
01.02.2021 - 31.07.2021

Funding Organization
The Passau State Building Authority

Brief Summary
The Technology and Promotion Center in the Competence Center for Renewable Resources, together with the Passau State Building Authority, is realizing the "NAWAREUM" in Straubing, an experience-oriented information and consulting center for sustainable raw materials and renewable energies. One of the central elements of this project are the outdoor facilities, which are to be used as educational and show gardens.In the context of the realization of the project, the consideration of the life cycle based ecological and energetic performance of the museum is desired. In a first step, the new building or the current planning status will be analyzed and evaluated as a life cycle based ecological balance as a basic variant. For this purpose, an overall balance of the planned components and building materials and selected components of the technical building equipment will first be drawn up. In a next step, the energy flows and ecological environmental impacts of the building are calculated. The results generated by the life cycle assessment can be used for optimization and communication purposes.In order to complete the life cycle approach, zonal thermal building simulations are used to determine the annual energy demand, taking into account the energy supply concept. For this purpose, zonal thermal simulations are performed for representative zones. A major advantage of thermal building simulations is that the dynamic behavior of buildings can be determined and represented realistically. The aim of the thermal building simulations is to illustrate the influence of the energy supply system on the total annual energy demand and, based on this, to evaluate it ecologically.In a subsequent step, the outdoor facility concept is roughly assessed with regard to its compensation capacity (storage of carbon) and offset against the results from the building-related life cycle assessment. In this way, the possible positive effect of the outdoor space on the balance can be presented. In a continuing research project, the refurbishment of a listed building - NAWAREUM Gardener´s Building - is being scientifically accompanied (

Iryna Takser


  • Takser, I.; Lang, W.: Das ‚NAWAREUM‘ in Straubing Lebenszyklusbasierte energetische und ökologische Bewertung – Abschlussbericht. Staatliches Bauamt Passau, Technische Universität München, 2022, more…