Tausendpfund Life-cycle Assessment | Monitoring

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Ferdinand Tausendpfund GmbH & Co. KG

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Projektplattform Energie

With its construction project for the new Tausendpfund office building, the Tausendpfund construction company aims to create an innovative and sustainable three-story office building with a gross floor space of approximately 1,200 m². In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, a holistic perspective and technique is being sought in the framework of monitoring and a life-cycle assessment for the building. The primary goals are to improve the ecological and economic conditions, the value retention, and the quality and the comfort of the building. Different sustainability criteria are being taken into account in the construction project, which generate, among others, the following added values:

- A great deal of comfort and convenience
- High user acceptance
- Low operating, maintenance and repair costs
- Viability - positive public perception
- Good property marketing

The aim of the construction project is to develop an integrated general concept to create an office building adhering to the KfW Efficiency House 55 standard using a variety of solid construction techniques and low-tech solutions. As part of the monitoring process (project duration: January 2017 to December 2018 targeted), the various solid construction techniques will be assessed for their indoor climate, comfort and energy consumption during use and, in the life-cycle assessment, regarding their energy consumption (embodied energy) and environmental performance. Ultimately, the goal is to demonstrate which of the three different solid construction techniques used for each storey best fulfils these planning objectives. Achieving the above objectives is expected to result in a strategic and lasting sales benefit. In addition, a competitive advantage in the construction sector will be gained through an above-average energy standard combined with high cost-effectiveness and comfort. The various subject areas can be processed inclusively by the interdisciplinary team of the Technical University of Munich combined with the long-standing implementation expertise of the Tausendpfund construction company. The team will focus on dealing with building, energy, cost and resource related issues.