Eco+Office AS Bau

Eco+Office AS Bau – Life-cycle based CO2-neutral Plus Energy Building – Modernisation vs. New Construction of an Office Building

Project duration
01/2018 -02/2019

Funding organization
Stiftung Bayerisches Baugewerbe
AS Bau Hof GmbH

Project partners
Institute of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building
IB Hausladen
Projektplattform Energie

The AS Bau Hof GmbH plans to expand and renew its office and administration building on its premises. The aim is the appropriate further use of the present building in combination with an extension building. Resources already available are to be further used as far as possible and only extended by the least necessary in order to prove a positive energy as well as CO2 balance regarding the life cycle basis. It is aimed to work out the advantages against a comparable replacement building.

On the example of the administration building of AS Bau Hof GmbH, current research issues are to be answered and put into practice. The focus lies on the optimization of the primary energy demand during the whole life cycle. Thereby, not only the optimization of the operating power respectively its renewable supply and a coordinated load management plays a role, but also the efficiency increase in the making and disposing of the building (reduction of the part of grey energy). With the assistance of a specific applicability by the building project of AS Bau Hof GmbH, comparable calculations are made and concrete potentials are named and assessed.

Project team
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christina Meier-Dotzler, M.Eng.
Hannes Harter, M.Sc.
Daniel Kierdorf, M.Sc.
Michael Vollmer, M.Sc.