NuOpt Office: Optimization of the energy and resource efficiency of office buildings with the help of a user data analysis

Project duration
05/2019 – 05/2021

Funding Organisation
Stiftung Bayerisches Baugewerbe
AS Bau Hof GmbH

Project partners
Projektplattform Energie + Innovation
AS Bau Hof GmbH
Lang Hugger Rampp GmbH Architekten

The aim of the research project is to determine the energy consumption-relevant human behaviour in buildings and to analyse this data using statistical models in order to identify parameters that contribute to a more realistic forecast of energy consumption using thermal building simulations of office buildings. In order to quantify the energy-relevant user behaviour, in particular with regard to ventilation behaviour, various parameters such as the state of the window handle (closed, open or tilted), indoor climate, outdoor climate and the energy consumption of the building are collected. The data can be used to derive optimizations to reduce energy consumption and increase thermal comfort. In addition, the consumption data can be used for model optimisation of the energy requirement calculation and thus potentials for reducing the use of materials and TGA can be shown.

Finally, it is shown to what extent a detailed user and energy demand calculation can contribute to the reduction of the necessary energy or material expenditure and thus to the reduction of construction and operating costs.

Project team
Michael Vollmer, M.Sc.