Reuse Brew 2024

The Reuse Brew goes into the 2nd round for IFAT 2024! This year, together with Xylem, we have once again produced a beer from recycled water. This means that we have treated clear water (purified wastewater) to such an extent that it can be used without hesitation in food production or as drinking - as is common practice internationally, for example in water-scarce regions such as California or Singapore. To this end, the clear water from the Weißenburg wastewater treatment plant was ozonated using large-scale technology and filtered through a biologically active activated carbon filter (BAC). The Weißenburg wastewater treatment plant is the first wastewater treatment plant in Bavaria to have a so-called 4th purification stage for the removal of trace organic substances: The water was then transported to Garching and further treated by the Advanced Water Treatment and Water Recycling working groups together with Xylem in the TUM Pilot Facility. The combination of nanofiltration, advanced oxidation (UV-AOP) and final UV disinfection provided flawless water quality that conformed to drinking water standards. In the final step, Helles beer was brewed from around 4000 liters (40 hectoliters) at TUM's own Weihenstephan brewery. The master brewer was delighted with the good water quality, which has a positive effect on the taste. Come and see for yourself at the TUM (Hall A4, Stand 151/250) and Xylem (Hall B1, Stand 150) stands. Prost!