Participation in the network “Gebäudeforum klimaneutral”

We are part of the “Gebäudeforum klimaneutral” of the German Energy Agency (dena).

With the "Gebäudeforum klimaneutral" (Building Forum Climate Neutrality), the German Energy Agency (dena) has initiated a new central point of contact for climate-neutral building and renovation. In the network, it is our common goal to accelerate climate protection and the energy transition in the construction industry and to support experts as the driving forces for implementation. To this end, we provide and gain content-related impulses in the network, exchange information with participating scientists, industry associations and regional energy agencies, and jointly ensure the dissemination of necessary expertise. The portal offers quality-assured information on climate-neutral buildings and neighborhoods, promotes knowledge for development and innovation, and highlights the energy transition in the building sector by means of good examples.