Publication Hanns Seidel Foundation - "Green light" for ecological transformation

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang from the Chair of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Planning and Building publishes his article "'Green Light' for the Ecological Transformation" in the publication "Political Studies 503: Designing the Living Space of the Future" of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

"Climate change, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, resource consumption, population growth and increasing urbanization are central tasks of our time. The construction industry has a crucial role to play here: it must reduce CO₂ emissions, adapt cities, neighbourhoods and buildings to climate change, and fundamentally reduce the use of resources such as soil, materials, energy and water." Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang explains in a paper how the cities of the future should be designed. Therefore, he refers to the interdisciplinary research project "Green City of the Future," in which practical approaches to deal with climate protection and climate change impacts in growing cities were developed using the example of the city of Munich.

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