ZSK Symposium "Bavarian Cities in Climate Change: Transformation through Green-Blue Infrastructures" on June 21, 2023

Full-day Symposium on Urban Climate Adaptation, Urban Greening, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Rainwater Management at the Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich.

At the full-day symposium held at the Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich, current research findings and experiences from Bavarian municipalities and environmental initiatives were presented and discussed on urban climate adaptation, urban greening, biodiversity, and sustainable rainwater management. Exciting presentations, discussions, and workshops were featured, along with opening remarks from Bavarian State Ministers Thorsten Glauber, MdL, and Christian Bernreiter. The workshop "Opportunities and Challenges in Housing Construction" presented interim findings from the accompanying research project "Climate-Resilient Building - Model Projects" and engaged in discussions with practical partners.










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