Dr.-Ing. Sema Karakurt-Fischer was awarded the Willy Hager Prize 2021

Frau Prof. Heidrun Steinmetz (Willy-Hager Foundation), Dr. Sema Karakurt-Fischer, Prof. Thomas Ternes (German Water Chemistry Society), Prof. Jörg E. Drewes (TU München). Copyright DGM 2022.

We congratulate Dr.-Ing. Sema Karakurt-Fischer for being awarded the Willy-Hager Award 2021 for her doctoral dissertation entitled „Development and validation of a novel treatment concept for planned potable reuse based on sequential managed aquifer recharge technology for more sustainable water management“. This award is provided by the Willy-Hager Foundation for outstanding scientific contributions in the area of water treatment and wastewater treatment in Germany. Dr. Karakurt-Fischer received this award during the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the German Water Chemistry Society.