Innovative insights: Master's students on an excursion to Hamburg

The Master's students of "Resource-efficient and Sustainable Building" immersed themselves in the fascinating world of sustainable construction during an excursion to Hamburg.

The field trip offered the opportunity to explore pioneering projects and gain in-depth insights into innovative approaches. The students presented projects such as the St. Pauli Bunker (transformation of existing buildings), the Roots project (timber high-rise), and the BIQ building (organic façades), focussing on selected aspects of sustainability. These presentations encouraged the exchange of knowledge and lively discussions about current challenges and future perspectives in sustainable construction. The excursion also offered the opportunity to participate in Guiding Architects tours through Hafencity and the grounds of the International Building Exhibition. Here, the students were able to experience first-hand how innovative building concepts are integrated into the urban environment to provide sustainable solutions for future challenges. Another highlight of the trip was a visit to a concert and a guided tour of the Elbphilharmonie. The impressions and insights gained will contribute significantly to the students' upcoming semester projects. The variety of sites visited and the practical experience in Hamburg provide inspiration for innovative approaches and sustainable solutions that will be deepened and further developed in the coming semesters. The chair team is happy to have the opportunity to provide such practical experience and looks forward to the promising projects and research work that will emerge from this inspiring excursion.

Further information about the study program Resource-efficient and Sustainable Building can be found here.