Institute ENPB at the Sustainable Built Environments Conference 2023

Starting left: Nico Ehlers (ENPB), Katja Schulze (HFT), Roland Reitberger (ENPB), Iryna Takser (ENPB), Michael Vollmer (ENPB), Kathrin Theilig (ENPB)

Researchers from our institute, together with the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, attended the Sustainable Built Environments (SBE) Conference in Thessaloniki from March 22 to March 25, 2023. The SBE is an important event that deals with the latest developments in sustainable building and environmental sustainability. We used the conference to present our latest research results and innovations and to exchange ideas with other experts.

During the conference we presented a total of four works in the areas of zero emission buildings, life cycle analysis, sustainability assessment criteria, and interactions between exterior and interior spaces. The conference also provided us with the opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends and technologies in sustainable building practices.

The following works were presented by the Institute and will soon be published in the conference proceedings:

  • A holistic analysis of sustainability metrics at an urban district scale.
  • Connecting building density and vegetation to investigate synergies and trade-offs between thermal comfort and energy demand – a parametric study in the temperate climate of Germany.
  • Toward zero emission buildings: A case study on a non-residential building in Germany using life cycle assessment and carbon sequestration of green infrastructure.
  • Life cycle-based parametric optimization of buildings towards climate neutrality and its implications for environmental protection.