Teaching awards 2023: Chair for energy-efficient and sustainable planning and construction can cheer twice

Courses offered by the Chair of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Construction are highly sought after by students in the Department of BauGeoUmwelt. Now the students thank their lecturers for their commitment to teaching.

During the Department Day on July 14, 2023, two lucky representatives of the chair received a teaching award in the Audimax to the loud cheers of the students. 

The student council awarded Ms. Chujun Zong with the first prize in Environmental Engineering for the course "Sustainable Lighting Technology".

The silver rank went to Mr. Leander Präger as lecturer of the seminar "Interactions between sustainability and building culture".

Professor Werner Lang is pleased with his team and sees the award-winning events as proof of the excellent quality of teaching. The forward-looking concerns of the chair will thus continue to inspire the many interested students in the coming semesters!

And congratulations to our graduates of the program Resource Efficient and Sustainable Building!