TU Munich student teams win 1st and 2nd prize in BAKA competition

Two teams from the master's program in Resource Efficient and Sustainable Building (RNB) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) took first and second place in the final round of the STUDENTS I DESIGN I FUTURE competition organized by the BAKA Bundesverband Altbauerneuerung e.V. (Federal Association for the Renewal of Old Buildings). We warmly congratulate all the students involved as well as the teaching staff.

The top-class jury awarded the 1st prize to the project "PlantBase" by Magdalena Anderer, Kim Djukow, Alexandra Lüttich, Moritz Mütschele, Katharina Schröder, Julia Stein, Nicolas Stephan. On the site of an existing student mensa in Munich's southern central station district (Südliches Bahnhofsviertel), the concept envisions the deconstruction and reuse of the building components to create a place of education and communal living and working for homeless people and students. The central theme is cooking and eating as community-building elements, as well as the production and reuse/recycling of food.

The 2nd prize also went to the TU Munich with the project "IdeenWerkStadt" by Alexandra Bulla, Madeleine Cremers, Lukas Fuhlrott, Jona Roßmann, Mari Sachs, Fabian Schmidt. The subject is the conversion, partial deconstruction and expansion of garages in an inner courtyard situation surrounded by urban villas. In doing so, a consumption-free, socio-culturally significant place of transformation is created in the southern central station district (Südliches Bahnhofsviertel) in Munich, where people can experiment and develop ideas together and also realize them on site.

The competition entries were developed within the "Interdisciplinary Project" (IDP) under the direction of the Chair of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Construction (Prof. Dr. Werner Lang, Carsten Schade, Johannes Staudt) in cooperation with the Chair of Building Physics (Prof. Dr. Klaus Sedlbauer, Dr. Roland Göttig), Chair of Timber Structures and Building Construction (Prof. Dr. Stefan Winter, Dr. Norman Werther, Christoph Kurzer), Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design (Prof. Thomas Auer, Christian Hepf) and Ralph Habich (Forum für Entwerfen e.V. and Teaching Fellow of the Chair of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building). The IDP was supported by the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning (Sebastian Seisenberger), Prof. Dr. Matthias Ottmann (Honorary Professorship for Real Estate Management and Urban Development) and the TUM Cluster Sustainable Real Estate (Mathieu Wellner, Christiane Müller) from TUM as well as the City of Munich Department of Urban Planning (Josef Stemp) and representatives of the real estate sector. In previous years, the students of the TU Munich were also highly successful in this competition.

The results of the last years are as follows.

20.2.2020 1st prize for the project "re.create", Bautec 2020, Berlin.
18.1.2019 1st prize for the project "TeilWerk", BAU 2019, Munich
22.2.2018 2nd prize for the master thesis "Reversible Monument", Bautec 2018, Berlin
20.1.2017 1st prize for the project "Urban Life 2080", BAU 2017, Munich.

Contact person: Carsten Schade (Chair of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Construction),